Access is provided at school to:

  • School Curriculum Policies.
  • All statutory Instruments, Circulars and Administrative Memoranda pertaining to the curriculum, issued by the DfES.
  • The school’s Improvement Plan (which incorporates the school’s most recent OFSTED Action Plan).
  • Minutes of Governing Body meetings.
  • A copy of the prospectus is provided free to all prospective and new parents.
  • Details of the school’s/Local Authority’s Complaints Procedure.

Parents can use the complaints procedure if they believe that The Brigshaw Learning Partnership or the school’s Governing Body is failing to: provide the National Curriculum in the school or carry out other curricular duties; offer only approved qualifications and syllabuses; provide Religious Education and daily collective worship; or make available the information they are required to provide.

Parents have the right of access to records kept about their child and this can be arranged by contacting the school and making an appointment with the Headteacher.