We are delighted to be able to confirm that on September 1st 2016 Swillington Primary School converted into Academy status alongside some of our Trust partner schools, supported by our own Multi-Academy Trust – The Brighshaw Learning Partnership. Please visit the BLP website to find out about the Board of Directors and view the Trust’s Governance and Financial information.

Each school will continue to have its own headteacher and local governing body, and the Brigshaw Learning Partnership Board, which is now responsible for all of our schools, contains representatives from across our community, as well as very experience and skilled people who share our values.

There are 11 members of the Local Governing Body (LGB) of the school:

  • 1 Executive Headteacher
  • 1 Head of School
  • 2 staff
  • 2 Elected Parents
  • 2 Trust Appointed Community Governors
  • 4 Co-Opted Governors

All Governors (except the Headteacher) are elected for a period of 4 years. They meet at least 5 times per academic year to receive reports on the financial management of the school, curriculum development, premises, health and safety and staffing issues. They are also responsible for ensuring the school is improving in line with the priorities in the School Development Plan.

The Governors make available to parents an annual report to inform them about the progress of the school and providing the opportunity to raise any issues with the Governors.

Through the Governing Body, there are links with the Board of Directors of the Brigshaw Learning Partnership.

You can download the Governor’s Declaration of Interest here as a PDF.

Governor Meeting Dates 2018-2019

All Governing Body Meetings are held at 6pm on a Tuesday:

16th October 2018
4th December 2018
26th February 2019
14th May 2019
25th June 2019

Governor Meeting Attendance Records

You can view Governor Meeting Attendance Record for 2014-2016 here.
You can view Governor Meeting Attendance Record for 2016-2017 here.
You can view Governor Meeting Attendance Record for 2017-2018 here
You can view Governor Meeting Attendance Record for 2018-2019 here

Governing Body

Mr Phil Cook: Chair of Governors

Role: Trust Governor
Special Responsibilities: Performance Management and Complaints
Class link: Maths

Contact Address: Phil Cook, Chair of Governors, Swillington Primary School, Church Lane, Leeds, LS26 8DX

“I became a Governor in 2009, the year I retired, in order to continue to use some of my life experiences which would hopefully benefit the Governing Body. It was an excellent time to become involved with Swillington as a new school had been sanctioned for building and the school was to become a founding member of the Brigshaw Trust….I became Chairman of Governors in 2012 and under my tenure the new school building was completed and a new Headteacher appointed in the same year.

I look forward to taking on my new role as the link to Maths within the School… This change of role is in order to continue to improve my personal skills as a Governor.”

Mrs Fiona Titterington: Vice Chair of Governors

Role: Trust Governor
Special Responsibilities: Training Governor
Class link: Literacy

“I was a parent governor when my son was at this school, (some of you will remember him, Chris Allan) and am delighted to be able to keep on supporting Swillington school to be the very best it can for all of the children. I am the training governor, and it’s my role to help other governors be the best they can be in helping Mrs Elliott  make the best opportunities for all children to progress and achieve their full potential. I am also very interested in encouraging all the children to read more, and Swillington school has a brilliant school library, “The more you read, the more you know, the more you know, the further you’ll go”.”

Ms. Sarah Grant

Role: Head of School

Cllr Mark Dobson

Role: Local Authority Governor

“I’m Cllr Mark Dobson. I’ve been a Governor here for 10 years and was a former Chair.

We come a long way since the old building but it’s not only the building that’s improving. We have a great team of people here helping our kids to have a great experience in a caring setting.

I love Swillington Primary. It’s a great school, fantastic staff and a lovely new building.

I am a Governor as I want to support the village I represent as a Cllr and  see our kids getting a great primary education in a great learning environment with caring staff.”

Mrs Sallie Elliott

Role: Executive Headteacher

Mrs Maria Milner

Role: Co-Opted Governor
Special Responsibilities: Pupil Support
Class Link: Year 6

“I’m delighted to become a member of Swillington’s governing body. I work in education, live local and am a parent myself, therefore, feel passionate about children having the opportunity to reach their full potential.”

Ms Gemma Stone

Role: Parent Governor

I joined the Governing Body as a Parent Governor to help support the school in continually delivering a first class education for our children within a happy and safe environment.

My experience of working in a fast paced role with a company of surveyors has given me a high level of technical knowledge, organisational and communication skills. I enjoy learning and have enthusiasm in any role I take on.

Ms Hannah Thirkill

Role: Staff Governor

Mr Mobasher Mir

Role: Staff Governor

Mr David Unsworth

Role: Co-opted Governor
Special Responsibilities: Policy
Class link: Year 5

“I became a Governor in 2014 as I wanted to help contribute to making the school a success for all of our children.  I hope to use my knowledge of technology, service management, supplier management and governance to help the school in achieving it’s aims.

I’m looking forward to my first year as part of the Governing body and working with Year 5 from September.”

Ms Miriam Watson-Pratt

Role: Co-opted Governor
 Special Responsibilities: Race Equality and Special Educational Needs
Class link: Year 3

“I became a Governor as both of my children attend the school and I wanted the best possible start for them in education. I have focused my responsibilities on Special Educational Needs and Race Equality as I want to ensure that all the children at the school have the same opportunities available to them regardless of personal circumstances. With a family history of hearing impairment (including my two children) and a long working history with Special Needs charities this is a cause I am passionate about and I feel I was able to offer the most experience in this sector.”

Mrs Melissa Bentley

Mrs Judith Woodhead

Mrs Judith Woodhead has stepped down as a Governor October 2018. Judith has been a Governor at Swillington Primary for 13 years. We would all like to thank her for her many years of dedicated service and wish her all the best.

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