Year 2

Year 1 and 2
Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a lovely Christmas break and is ready for the exciting term of learning ahead! This term our topic focus will be ‘What do you need to live on the moon?’ Throughout this topic we will look at the world, the planets in the solar system, make rockets and look at significant people who have travelled into Space.

Spring 1
This year we will begin with looking at writing non-chronological reports connected to our healthy eating week to answer our section of the question – ‘How can we live to 100?’ After this we will use the book ‘The Darkest Dark’ to help us write a recount of an astronaut, Chris Hadfield, travelling into space. Throughout these units we will be continuing the develop our use of adjectives and expanded noun phrases as well as look at the use of verbs for effect with the correct suffix ending for past and present tenses.

Spring 2
To start the half term, we will be creating fact files about the planet we live on. Through this the children will be focusing on writing clear and concise sentences with accurate punctuation.

To finish the term we will be looking at writing a story based around the TV advert, ‘The man on the moon’. The children will be focusing on the sequence of events in a story and how we can use conjunctions to link our ideas together. Year 2 will also begin to consider the different types of sentences and both classes will consider how we can use question marks and exclamation marking in our writing.

Year 1:
This term in maths Year 1 will be looking at addition of numbers to 20 drawing on the work we did last term thinking about our number bonds to 20. After this we will look at the place value of numbers to 50 including the tens and ones in numbers and the multiples of 2,5 and 10.

Towards the end of the half term we will be looking at measurements, specifically involving length, weight and volume. This will involve the application of the previous skills we have learnt about addition and subtraction as well as place value.

Year 2:
For the first half term, we will begin to recall multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times table. We will learn to recognise odd and even numbers and use the x and ÷ symbol when writing calculations.

During the money unit, children will be expected to recognise the pounds and pence symbol and combine amounts to make a particular value. They will be taught to add and subtract money, and give change from different amounts up to £1.

During the second half term the children will look at fractions and develop their understanding of halves and quarters from last year learning about thirds and equivalent fractions.

The first half term the children will be learning about space and considering the names of the planets and in particular the relationship between the earth, moon and sun in relation to seasonal change.

After half term Year 1 will study seasonal changes including:
• Observing changes across the four seasons
• Observe and describe weather associated with the seasons and how day length varies

After half term Year 2 will look at living things and their habitats including:
• Comparing the differences between things that are living, dead and things that have never been alive.
• Identifying that most living things live in habitats which are suited to them and describe how the habitats provide for their basic needs.
• Identity and name a variety of plants and animals in their habitats.
• Use food chains.

History and Geography
This term we will be focusing on history and geography as part of our topic work. We will be looking at significant people who have travelled into space, including the first man on the moon and Tim Peake. In Geography we will be looking at the worlds 7 continents and 5 oceans.

Design Technology
In design and technology we will be designing and making rockets in the first half term. In the second half term we will be looking at photographs of the earth from space and drawing this as well as using wax etchings as a skill to draw with.

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The Key Stage 1 Team

Class Teachers

Year 2 Teacher
Miss S Robinson

Support Teachers
Mrs J Wood

Important Dates

Monday 7th January: Back after Christmas

Tuesday 15th January: SATs Parent workshop for Year 2 parents – 2.30pm

Friday 18th January: Training Day

Monday 28th January: Year 2 Multi skills competition at Brigshaw 4pm – 5pm – more details to follow

Tuesday 11th February pm – Y2, 3, 6 musical extravaganza – more details to follow

Wednesday 13th February 2pm – parents evening

Friday 15th February – break up for half term

Monday 25th February – back to school

Thursday 7th March – World Book Day – more details to follow

Monday 25th March – Year 1 Multi skills competition at Brigshaw 4pm – 5pm – more details to follow

Friday 5th April – Break up for Easter

Class Information

P.E. Information

Year 1 and 2 P.E days are Monday and Friday.


For P.E children are expected to wear a plain white T shirt and a pair of plain navy blue or black shorts and/or joggers. Your child will need trainers or pumps for outdoor PE; indoor PE is done barefoot.  For health and safety reasons children must tie up long hair and remove or cover up earrings with tape

Library Books Information

Library day: Wednesday

Reading Books Information

Book change: Thursday/Friday

Please read with your child daily and ensure they have their book-bags in school every day.

Homework Information


Homework tasks will be given out at the start of each half term. Children will need to return these every Monday.



Children will be given spellings to learn each week. There will be a spelling test each Monday and then new spellings will be given out. Please encourage your child to read the word, cover it up, write the word and then check it.


To keep headlice under control, remember… once a week, take a peek!

It is really important to check for lice weekly, even if you do not think your child has them. If you do find headlice, please treat immediately and notify a member of staff so that other parents can be made aware. If your child has long hair, tying it up might reduce their chances of catching them.

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