Foundation 2

Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely holiday. This newsletter tells you all about some of the things the children will be learning about and experiencing this half term.

In our ‘Homes’ topic children will-

  • Learn about the different types of houses people libe in, in this country and around the world.
  • Explore different materials and decide which ones wil be the best to use to make a house.
  • Read traditional tales and discuss the types of houses the characters live in.
  • Use different skills and media to create imaginary homes/houses from reclaimed materials.

Number and shape work will include-

  • Learning songs and rhymes.
  • Learning numbers 10-20.
  • Recognising and ordering numbers to 20.
  • Adding and subtracting a single digit number from a 2 digit number.
  • Talking about number facts with numbers to 20.

Phonics –

  • Using fred fingers to help us to write CVC words, using the sounds we know.
  • Reading short sentances, made up of the sounds that we already know.
  • Practicing our pre-cursive letter formation.
  • Using ‘and’ to extend our writing

Parents can help by-

  • Reading books at home with your child, encouraging them to read any words that they might know.
  • Helping children to recognise numbers, shapes and letters in the world around them and linking them to our learning in school.
  • Practicing sound flashcards with your child, making sure that they use the ‘pure’ sounds (ask about this if you are unsure).

Our stories, songs and rhymes include-

  • Number rhymes.Non-fiction books about Homes.
  • Stories about Homes including ‘Three Little Pigs’, ‘Cinderella’, and ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’.

Daily Mile

As a school we are participating in the daily mile or 15 minutes of running or walking. Please ensure your child has appropriate footwear in school every day e.g. pumps or trainers.

Class Teachers

Foundation 2 Teacher
Mrs Johnson

Support Teachers
Mrs Payne

Important Dates

Library visits are on a Monday.

PE is on a Wednesday – all children need PE Kits.

07/03/2019 – World Book Day (dress as a word)

08/03/2019 – Book Fair

21/12/18 – Break up for Christmas

Class Information

P.E. Information

  • All children need labelled PE kits in school for PE days (these can be left on pegs over the half term).
  • Please can all clothes be labelled with the child’s name.
  • Please remember we like to go out in all weathers and to do so we need to wear appropriate clothing.

Library Books Information

Library day: Tuesday

Reading Books Information

Reading will be done with the children every day and books will be changed when ready to move onto next book – this could be any day of the week. For this reason, please make sure book bags are in school every day.

Homework Information

Homework: Collected Thursday, returned Friday


To keep headlice under control, remember… once a week, take a peek!

It is really important to check for lice weekly, even if you do not think your child has them. If you do find headlice, please treat immediately and notify a member of staff so that other parents can be made aware. If your child has long hair, tying it up might reduce their chances of catching them.

For more information, visit this great website:

If you are having trouble downloading the documents, you can download pdf reader here.