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In the past few years, Swillington Primary has gone from strength to strength. Our achievements are many, including our last Ofsted report (2013) and our latest Key Stage 2 SAT results.

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Ofsted Report

Swillington Primary School was last inspected in November 2015 and has been graded as good in all areas.

You can download the Full Ofsted Report by clicking here.

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Parent View

We value your opinion on the school, please visit Parent View if you would like to post your views of Swillington Primary on the Ofsted website or you can contact us direct to give your feedback.

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Key Stage 2 SAT Results

Key Stage 2 SAT Results

You can view the latest SAT results on the Department of Education’s website here

Key Stage 2 SAT results

Parent Feedback

April 2015 Feedback Results

These are the results of the parent questionnaire that was sent out to parents in April, 2015. 28 received 1 parent = 4%

Strongly agree/
Strongly disagree
Don’t Know
1. The school has a happy atmosphere 100% 0% 0%
2. The school provides a safe environment for my child 96% 4% 0%
3. I am made to feel welcome when I come into school 100% 0% 0%
4. I find it easy to approach the school with questions or problems to do with my child 96% 4% 0%
5. The school expects my child to work hard and achieve his or her best 100% 0% 0%
6. Staff and pupils respect and trust each other 85% 12% 4%
7. The school is well led and managed 100% 0% 0%
8. Parents are encouraged to play an active part in the life of the school 85% 8% 8%
9. Newsletters are helpful and informative 96% 4% 0%
10. School reports and parents evenings keep me well informed about how my child is getting on 96% 4% 0%
11. My child is making good progress at school 96% 4% 0%
12. Pupils get help and support to do their best when they need it 88% 4% 8%
13. My child gets the right amount of work to do at home 71% 18% 11%
14. The school provides an interesting range of activities, clubs and sports outside of lessons 88% 4% 2 parents answered N/A
15. My child likes school 96% 4% 0%
16. My child is treated fairly at school 96% 0% 4%
17. My child is happy at playtimes and lunch times 96% 4% 0%
18. My child does not have a problem with bullying/or exclusion by his/her peers 85% 16% 0%
19. Behaviour in the school is good 88% 8% 4%
20. School buildings are kept in good order 100% 0% 0%
21 The school is well thought of in the local community 77% 8% 16%
What are we doing well?
(Quotes taken directly from the questionnaires 2014-2015)

“Homework, school dinners, reading”

“I like the extra- curricular activities”

“The school has a good support network”

“Big improvements since change in leadership, new teachers brought a new lease of life into the school”

“All round staff are doing a great job”

“Problems solved quickly and effectively”

“Like the improved communications”

“Staff seem more approachable”

“Lovely to see Mrs Elliott and Mr Cahill outside in the morning. The clubs are great and love the changes made”

“Assemblies are very positive and my son enjoys receiving awards for good behaviour, attendance etc. also the sharing assemblies”


Our Next Steps:

  • To monitor the amount of homework set- ensuring this is consistent across school
  • To Ensure children are fully aware what bullying is.
  • To ensure further after school activities are available to Key Stage 1. Cooking club coming to Year 2 on Tuesdays!


April 2013 Feedback Results

These are the results of the parent questionnaire that was sent out to parents in April, 2013. There were 25 responses. It was issued to allow us to develop a baseline from which to work as a school following the appointment of a new head teacher.

Strongly agree/
Strongly disagree
1. My child feels safe at this school. 96% 4%
2. My child is making good progress at this school. 96% 4%
3. This school meets my child’s particular needs. 96% 4%
4. This school ensures my child is well looked after. 100%
5. My child is taught well at this school. 96% 4%
6. This school helps my child to develop skills in communication, reading, writing and mathematics. 96% 4%
7. There is a good standard of behaviour at this school. 88% 8%(*1 no response)
8. My child’s lessons are not disrupted by bad behaviour. 80% 16%(*1 no response)
9. This school deals with any cases of bullying effectively. (Bullying includes persistent name-calling, cyber, racist and homophobic bullying). 88% 12%
10. This school helps me to support my child’s learning. 84% 16%
11. This school responds well to my concerns. 80% 16%(*1 no response)
12. This school keeps me well informed. 76% 24%
13. The school provides a good range of extra-curricular activities. 48% 44% (*2 no responses)
14. I would recommend this school to another parent. Yes – 84% No – 8%(*2 no responses)
15. Comments(summary):

Teaching:  The overwhelming majority of responses indicated that parents/carers were happy with progress of their children. ‘I am satisfied with my son’s progress….The school and the teachers are good.’ ‘My child is making good progress.’ ‘It is a good school. With both of my children, their learning has improved.’

Behaviour: Concerns about ‘always children’ not getting the recognition they deserve. 1 parent raised concerns re supervision at lunchtimes.

Communication: 2 parents commented that information was not timely and did not give enough notice of school events.

Extra-curricular activities: Not enough clubs. Those that exist focus on KS1.

What have we done about it?
  • Five day course for lunch time supervisors to review provision and behaviour management strategies. New lunch time policy. £750 spent on additional lunch time resources. Lunch time activity clubs provided by experienced support staff. Appointment of an additional member of staff. Head Teacher takes an active role in lunch time supervision.
  • Review of behaviour policy with staff and School Council. Trialling new school rules; reduced from 6 to three. Reinstated reward for team point winners every term.
  • Enhanced extra-curricular provision: From two to eight activities, 3 of which specifically targeted at KS1.
  • New website launched with up to date information. Half termly class and head teacher newsletters. Classroom doors opened from 8.55am to allow parents opportunities to speak to teachers. Head teacher presence on school gate daily.
  • Story sacks course running. Phonics workshop for F1/2 parents planned for after half term. Stay and Play sessions in F1/2. Further parent workshops for other year groups later in the school year.


National Healthy Schools Standard

The school gained its revalidated National Healthy Schools Standard  in 2011. This award demonstrates the work which we do in four areas of health: physical activity, emotional health, healthy eating and PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education).


Working Towards ArtsMark

We are proud to be working towards Artsmark. The Artsmark award celebrates schools that champion the arts and strive for excellence in their provision.

gold-logo_footerSainsbury’s School Games

Swillington Primary is part of the Sainsbury’s School Games. The Sainsbury’s School Games is a unique opportunity to motivate and inspire millions of young people across the country to take part in more competitive school sport.

The Games are made up of three levels of activity: competition in schools, between schools, and at a county/area level.

The Games are designed to build on the magic of 2012 to enable every school and child to participate in competitive sport, including meaningful opportunities for disabled youngsters.

You can find out more at at Sainsbury’s School Games website

Activemark Award for Creative Arts

In 2009 we were awarded the Activemark Award for Creative Arts

Sustainable Schools Award

In 2009 we were awarded the Leeds Pilot Sustainable Schools Award and in 2010 the Sustainable Schools Award.