Assessment and Reporting

Teachers assess the childrens’ progress and attainment continually – it is an integral part of teaching and it enables the teacher to plan what the next steps in learning should be. Children need to be involved in this process so that they are motivated by the progress they have made and understand what they have to do next to improve.

Towards the end of Key Stage 1 (Year 2) teachers assess the children using a range of statutory tasks and tests in English and Maths.

Towards the end of Key Stage 2, in May, the Year 6 children undertake statutory assessment in English and Maths.

Year 1 children take a statutory Phonics Screening test.

The results of all statutory assessments are submitted to the Local Authority and to the DfE.

You will be invited to a parents’ evening during the Autumn term when the children have settled into the new year, and again in the Spring term, when you will be able to discuss their progress with staff.

The end of year report sent out in July summarises your child’s progress and attainment during the year. Comments made by teachers will refer to the child’s strengths and the areas in which your child needs to improve.

If, during the year, you wish to discuss any aspect of your child’s progress you are invited to make an appointment to see his/her class teacher at the end of a school day, preferably on a Tuesday or a Thursday.