Consultation on School Admission Arrangements for 2020/21

Dates for Consultation: 19th December 2018 to 30th January 2019.

The Brigshaw Learning Partnership, as the admission authority for: Brigshaw High School, Allerton Bywater; Kippax Ash Tree, Kippax Greenfield, Kippax North, Methley and Swillington Primary schools, is proposing changes to the admissions arrangements to the schools for the academic year 2020/21.

In line with the School Admissions Code, admission authorities are required to consult on their admission policy whenever they would like to make a change.

We are consulting on the following proposals, and would like to hear your views and comments about these, so that we can decide whether to include these changes for the admissions policy for 2020/21:


To adopt the Local Authority term “catchment priority area” to be consistent with the Leeds City Council proposed policy for 2020/21 should that policy be adopted. We propose that our catchment areas follow the existing polygon used by Leeds City Council for admissions.(Please note, addresses can be in the catchment priority area of more than one school).

In line with the Local Authority proposals, remove the requirement for a sibling to be older than the applicant to qualify for sibling priority in the normal round. For clarification, there is no proposal to remove sibling priority. The proposal is to extend the priority so it applies to both older and younger siblings.

That applications received after the statutory deadline for school applications will be considered as ‘late applications’ if received 4 weeks after the national deadline (rather than using the national deadline as in the existing policy). This is in line with Leeds Local Authority proposals and neighbouring authorities.

In line with the local authority’s request, change the application process for school transfers (in year applications) so that all applications are submitted by parents to the Local Authority rather than to each individual school.

There are some additional changes which we must make to the previous policy for accuracy and clarification. These changes are:

  • Expanded definition of the children eligible to receive Priority 1 (CLA and Previously CLA) to include children previously looked after outside England, to be in line with 2018 DfE guidance
  • Clarified information about waiting lists, appeals, tie-break, deferment and home addresses
  • Update to dates to ensure accuracy for 2020/21
  • Minor wording changes to provide further clarity for parents
  • Clarification that if schools are not oversubscribed, all applicants will be offered a place.
  • Amendment to the type of CLA Orders which are required and how parents can qualify for priority 1
  • More detail provided for parents on Fair Access Protocols
  • Confirmation that nursery places to not offer priority for primary school admissions

You are welcome to pass this consultation on to anyone you feel may be interested. All comments and suggestions are invited and you can respond in writing or by email to Mrs Wendy Harrington:

Compliance and Governance Officer

Brigshaw Learning Partnership

Brigshaw High School
Brigshaw Lane
Allerton Bywater
WF10 2HR

or e mail:

by no later than the consultation deadline of 30th January 2019.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Wendy Harrington

On behalf of the Brigshaw Learning Partnership Chair of Governors, Mr K Morton


The school’s admissions limit is 30. The Local Authority deals with admissions centrally.  Children in the Leeds Authority start school in the September of the academic year (1st September – 31st August) in which they reach the age of 5.

You can apply online here from November 1st for a school place for the following year.  If you need any help or advice about this please ask us, or contact the Local Authority to find out about the admission arrangements.

A directory of School Admissions Policies is available in school if you would like to consult it.

Parents considering enrolling their children are advised to make an appointment to visit the school.  The Headteacher will talk to you about the aims of the school and arrange for you to look round the school.

You can find out more about Leeds City Council’s Admission Policies here

Please note that just because your child has a place in F1 they are not guaranteed a place in F2.

Transfer during term time

Parents moving into the area, or who wish their child to join our school for any other reason, should check whether there is a place available in the school in the relevant year group.  If you change address within Leeds at any time and want your child/children to change school you should contact Education Leeds Admissions Department to make the request for the alternative school of your choice.

Arrangements for admitting pupils under 5 years

If you would like your child to attend our Foundation 1 (Nursery) you should contact our school office and give your child’s name,  date of birth, address and phone number and state whether you have a preference for the beginning of the week (Monday, Tuesday all day and Wednesday morning) or end of week(Wednesday afternoon and Thursday and Friday all day). Children will then be admitted in accordance with the ‘waiting list’   i.e. that of the oldest first.  Children are admitted to our Nursery in the term following their 3rd birthday.

Please ask in school for a copy of our Nursery Admission Policy if you are still not sure what to do.

Foundation 1

Parents will be notified by letter of the availability of a place and a home visit appointment will be made by the Foundation Staff to meet the child and parents at home.   A Foundation 1 Booklet will be given to parents outlining the organisational aspects of Foundation 1 and a member of the Foundation Staff will describe the philosophy of  Foundation 1.  You will be requested to share information regarding the health development of your  child.

A start date will be given and each parent will be invited to visit Foundation 1 with their child prior to this date,  in order to make the child’s settling-in period a happy one.   Admissions are staggered, new pupils being admitted on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the months of September / October and thereafter as and when their third birthday has passed.   Where possible we will try to accommodate the children to morning or afternoon sessions according to requests made by parents when first registering their children on the waiting list.

Foundation 2

DSC_0227All new parents are invited to attend an evening meeting in school during the summer term before their child starts school.   At this meeting the Headteacher, with other members of staff,  will explain school organisation,  our philosophy on early years education and school policies.   There is then an opportunity to ask questions and to talk about your child to the class teacher.

New parents are then invited to a meeting in September to learn about the teaching of Reading, and how to support their children at home.  This is a vital skill which has the greatest impact on children’s future learning and progress.

Applying for primary places (Reception) to start September 2017

Applications are open for Reception now. Here is how to apply:

Parents of children born between 1st September 2013 and 31st August 2014 are able to apply for their child’s reception place. Parents have until 15th January 2017 to complete their application.

Parents have two options when applying, they can apply using our online system or by completing a paper form.  If a parent chooses to apply online they will be informed of their school offer via email on national offer day (18th April 2017). If a parent completes a paper form their offer will be sent by post on 18th April 2017 (2nd class).  Applying online is the preferable option. The benefits of applying online are:

  • it is quick and easy to use
  • there is no risk your application will be lost in the post
  • you will receive email confirmation that your application has been received
  • you can change/amend your application up to midnight on the closing date
  • you will receive your offer by email on national offer day

Please see below for links to the online system, the paper version of the form and our YouTube video explaining the application process.

Applying for Year 7 Secondary School places to start September 2017

The deadline for applying for Year 7 places for next year is 31 October 2016 and our on-line application system will close at midnight on that date for secondary applications (the on-line system will remain open for primary applications). If parents prefer to apply via a paper form and hand their completed forms into school for the school to forward to admissions please date stamp and keep a copy of the form before sending to us. This is so we can check back with you if there are any disputed applications or issues with appeals. Amy Vernon from the Choice Advice Service can support parents if they are struggling with the application process. Parents can contact 0113 3951183.

After 31 October once all preferences have been entered onto our system from the on-line applications and papers forms, we will begin to contact primary schools about pupil’s on their roll in Y6 who have not submitted a preference for secondary school. Amy Vernon from Choice Advice will help admissions and schools with contacting parents who have not applied.

Daniel Harrison will be in contact with secondary schools who rank their own applications to discuss this further in early January 2016.

Offer day is 2 March this year and parents who apply on-line will receive an email with their offer any time from midnight onwards. Parents who apply on a paper form will have their offer posted to them 2nd class on 2 March so may not receive this until later in the week. We will be sending further updates nearer the time which will include details of how to go on waiting lists and how to appeal etc.

If you are having trouble downloading the documents, you can download pdf reader here.