About the School

Now that you are preparing for your child to begin life at our school, we wish to give you some general information and advice which you may find useful. It is based partly on information which you need to have and partly on the questions many parents have asked over the years. We want you to have as much information as possible about your child’s school.

You can use the following pages to find out more about the school and it’s day-to-day running.

9757DFD4C2When the children arrive at Swillington Primary School, they bring with them a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills which the school, in partnership with you, will build upon and extend. Throughout the school we will foster a welcoming, secure and caring environment which will stimulate and support each child in the learning process. Every child will be respected and valued and will be given the opportunity to experience success in order to achieve a feeling of self-worth and a positive self-image. By the time your children leave Swillington Primary School, we wish them to have high expectations of life and of their chances to achieve and be happy and healthy. We believe that educating children is a task shared jointly between home and school. Children benefit most when we work closely together and there will be many opportunities for you to be in and around school informally as well as at more formal and pre-arranged times. We welcome your child into our school community and look forward to working with you over the coming years.

Sallie Elliott

Phil-CookOn behalf of the Governing Body of Swillington Primary School I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the school. We hope that you and your child will enjoy your time with us. We work in partnership with the school to ensure the success, happiness, safety and security of your child.

Phil Cook
Chair of Governors

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You can use the following pages to find out more about the school and it’s day-to-day running.


School History and Organisation

Find out more about the history and organisation of Swillington Priamry School.

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Aims and Values

Read about the school’s Aims and Values and Mission Statement.

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Find out the purpose of homework and how you can support your child.

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School Prospectus

Download the latest School Prospectus here.

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School Day

Find out more about the School day timetable.

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School Dinners

Find out more about school dinners, packed lunches and milk.

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School Uniform

Find out more about the school uniform policies plus PE kit and swimming gear.

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