[cupid_introduction text=”Welcome to Swillington Primary School” description=”We are a foundation Primary School within the Leeds Education Authority, catering for children in the age range 3 – 11. The village of Swillington is situated on the edge of the Leeds Metropolitan area and covers 2625 acres. The village has a long history, having been mentioned in the Domesday Book.”]
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[cupid_heading title=”Meet our Staff” description=”Ensure high standards of quality and professional service”]
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[cupid_introduction text=”Our staff consists of more than 10 teachers and 14 assistants. All the teachers are qualified to teach across the Primary Age Range (5-11).” description=”All the teachers are qualified to teach every National Curriculum subject and Religious Education.”]
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[cupid_quote text=”Our goal is to create a happy, healthy school in which every child feels valued.”]
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